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NPS Young Judges Competition 


With COVID-19 restrictions lifting we are now planning our preparations for our 2021 Young Judges training.

Don't forget if you or a member of your family us interested in taking part in the training sessions/competition please get in touch with us.


Young Judges 2019 Achievements


Mhairi Fordyce, Isobel (Issy) Hartswood-Collier, Chloe Heathcote, Renee Holland, Hannah Law and Amy Pinfield did us proud representing Area XI in the 2019, NPS Main Branch Young Judges Competition.


Our thanks go to Avril and Tori Oakes who started off our preparations, giving the Young Judges opportunity to see lots of ponies and ask questions, the Young Judges then built on this when attending events hosted by Fiona Cork, Sarah Pinfield and Tammy Heathcote. Their support for our Young Judges was valued and enjoyed by those attending and stood everyone in good stead for the competition. We do appreciate the time and effort freely given by everyone who hosted events for our potential “Young Judges”, they made everyone welcome and we all increased our knowledge whilst having fun.


Area XI’s competition results were amazing, everyone taking part was a credit to the Area and to themselves; Mhairi won and Hannah was third in the 19-25 M&M age group, Renee took fourth in the 14-18 M&M age group, Issy was second and Amy fifth in the under 13 M&M age group. Chloe our sole Riding Pony/Hunter Pony entrant excelled all expectations, winning not only her under 13 age group but taking the Overall Riding Pony/Hunter Pony Section.


Success continued as our M&M Team of Amy, Hannah, Issy and Renee had a creditable third place in the overall team competition.


Our Young Judges preparations paid off as their achievements continued in their respective Welfare and Education sections; Amy seventh (under 13), Chloe third (under 13), Hannah fourth (19-25), Issy first (under 13), Mhairi second (19-25), Renee fourth (14-18),


It was most pleasing that as well as everyone being “in the ribbons” in their respective age groups of the Well done Area XI!  It was most pleasing on how they jelled together and how encouraging and supportive they were of each other.